Those who have worked with me know that my motto is "The Goal of Therapy is No Therapy".

I work with you to help identify your personal goals and create a personalized plan on how to achieve them. In my opinion, in order to achieve a goal you must engage in the repeated process of Dream-> Plan -> Execute.

  1. DREAM: Together we will work to explore and create the goals that you wish to achieve. During the first few sessions I gather information from you about your personal history and how you perceive the problem that is bringing you to counseling. This begins with an in-depth intake session and usually last about 90 minutes.
  2. PLAN: In the dream phase you have told me the dream destination of your life, the plan phase is where we draw the map and discover what tools we need and how we will get there!There is no one-sized fits all treatment. (Wouldn't it be nice if there was?!) Therapy can be long-term or short-term depending on you personal circumstances.
  3. EXECUTE: This is the action step, where you begin to make your dream a reality. Through tailored homework and in-depth exploration we begin to remove barriers to success and implement tools to help you take flight.

Closing: Once goals have been met we discuss aftercare. Typically we will taper off sessions from weekly to biweekly or monthly. I encourage clients to come in after a year or so to discuss progress and successes because what fun is progress if we can't brag about it a little?!