Wedding Dress? Check!

Cake? Check!

How many kids do you want? What?!?!?!

So often, we get so overwhelmed and consumed planning the wedding that we forget to plan the marriage. Prevention is the best, most efficient, and cost-effective way to insure a strong and successful marriage. Research shows that the best time to set a strong foundation for a loving and fulfilling partnership is within the first two years of marriage. Identifying and strengthening your relationship style, developing listening and communication skills, and cultivating intimacy and trust are key pieces to creating a loving and stable marriage.  

Together, in a fun and relaxed environment, we will address 4 main subjects:

  1. Family of origin- Because you are not just marrying your better half, you are connecting 2 separate families... this can get messy!
  2. Finances- Something everyone hates and avoids, but this is the number one cause for arguments and divorce.
  3. Sex- whether you are abstaining from sex until you are married or have had a healthy sex life together and apart this is something that should be addressed. Having healthy dialogue and becoming comfortable discussing likes and dislikes can help a couple go a long way.
  4. Family planning- discussing where you want to live, how many children you want to have, if any are important parts of building a life together. Very often, I see married couples coming to me several years into marriage who are having trouble because one person doesn't want kids and the other wants 5! Exploring your hopes and dreams for a family is an important step to building a lasting marriage.