Let's be honest, most of you don't really care what schools I went to, what degrees I earned and what work experience I have. All you truly want to know is

  1. How did I end up being a sex therapist?
  2. Am I good at what I do? 

The answer to number one:

I have been there. I believe that people end up doing what they are challenged with in their own lives. I have struggled with unhealthy relationships. I have been devastated by heartbreak. I have gone through depressive stages when my body didn't feel like mine anymore. The good news: I got through it. And now I want to help others work through this stuff. 

I can help you if you are ready to make changes, heal the hurt, and feel better. I can help you if you are in a place where you want to create healthy relationships with yourself and others. I can help you if you want to create or recreate a passionate sex life. 

Life is challenging enough, sex and love shouldn't make it harder, They should be the icing on the cake.

The answer to number 2: Yes!

This is my passion. I love helping people work through their mess to find their way. Relationships are tricky, sex can be even trickier. Having a non biased, professional help you navigate these waters can create lasting positive change.

For those of you that are interested, here is all of the usual work and school "About Me" stuff:

My diverse work/study history has allowed me to approach counseling in a more holistic way. I believe strongly  in body-mind connection, self-study, personal awareness and mindfulness.  As a licensed professional yoga teacher I learned that I had a passion for helping and educating people about the union between mind and body. I helped developed Project YOGA, a nonprofit program that provided yoga classes and workshops in many of Cincinnati's inner city schools.

I am a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC), licensed through the State of Ohio. I graduated from Xavier University's Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. While at Xavier, I was a therapist at the on-campus counseling center for Xavier students. This experience provided me with a greater understanding of and appreciation for the need to support individuals struggling through transitional periods in their lives. While working there I came to realize that my main area of interest is relationships. Including but not limited to couples, friendships, parent-child, siblings, and families. It is my belief that when our relationships are strong, healthy and fulfilling we are much more likely to succeed in overcoming difficulties and accomplishing our goals.

Following Graduate school I worked at the Children's Home of Cincinnati as a behavioral health counselor, working with high school students. I then helped implement the Counseling for Caregivers program, which provides counseling services to the parents and caregivers of the children that the agency serves. 

During my time at The Children's Home of Cincinnati I enrolled in University of Michigan's Sex Therapy Certificate Program, training under some of the country's most highly regarded sex therapists and sexologists. I worked under the incredible supervision of Dr. Joe Kort and Dr. Jill Bley. 

I currently am a relationship and sex columnist for Cincy Chic