"A good marriage is not one without problems; it's one that can work through the problems"


It seems that committed relationships are a constant transitional period. Issues surrounding children, work-stress, fertility, sexual dysfunction, infidelity, or just a loss of connection can put pressure on a relationship. Working through these issues with a nonjudemental, third party can not only help a couple survive, but can facilitate a strong connection, and a more intimate and fulfilling marriage.

Together we help build language skills, empathic understanding and begin to process and heal past hurt. Maybe you are recovering from an infidelity or feel like you have lost one another due to major life changes. Or perhaps you feel that everyday is the same old routine, lacking passion and spontaneity. Do not worry! If there was a connection at some point along the way it can be reconnected. 

I can provide a confidential, healing environment where both of you can work together to find that spark once again. Reconnect to one another emotionally, sexually and supportively.